please read before ordering

online store order are accepted 24hours a day, all order are handled and processed within 1-2 days. first class mail can take up 1-3 business days to be delivered for US domestic address.

<Note on using plated products and precious metal products>

     *since plated products are prone to discoloration, please handle them carefully.

       Please prevent it by putting it in, do not leave it for a long or period of time  mix it with hair styling products, Fragrances,  etc...       

      *Plating product may irritate people with allergies. 

if you feel any abnormalities on your skin, stop using it and consult a specialist.


*Products plated with silver 925, the material may react with sweat and darken gradually, and the plating may come off due to friction or rubbing.


Wipe off dirt with a soft cloth after use. Also do not bath or work with water while wearing accessories as it may cause darkening or peeling of the plating.

if it becomes dark, use a special cleaner.